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Compare programmes, pick a university, find out how to enroll and apply for a scholarship. An internationally-recognized centre of excellence for education, Switzerland offers world-class programmes at comparatively low tuition fees.

Grants, scholarships, fees at Swiss universities

Due to the national commitment to education and the generous funding from federal and cantonal governments, tuition fees at Swiss universities are relatively low.

Current yearly tuition fees (in CHF)

For Swiss students
1,266 1,288 1,400 1,310 1,310 1,000 1,160 1,620 1,030 2,452 1,538 4,000
Additional fees for foreign students
        300   200  600 550 1,800 200 4,000
For foreign students
1,266 1,288 1,400 1,310 1,610 1,000 1,360 2,220 1,580 4,252 1,738 8,000

Living expenses can be estimated between CHF 18,000 and 28,000 per year (depending on the location of the university and personal needs).

Scholarships - Governmental scholarships

The Swiss Government offers scholarships to foreign students and artists on the basis of reciprocity or within the framework of a scholarship pool to several countries. Scholarships are granted to postgraduate candidates or researchers from both industrial and development countries.

Candidates should, in the first instance, find out from their own country's authorities whether they are entitled to a government scholarship or should approach the Swiss embassy or consulate (www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/home/reps.html) in their home country. A list of the relevant countries and further information on the governmental scholarships, such as application requirements, duration of scholarship, scholarship amount, application procedure etc. are available on the Website of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.

Before applying, candidates (who must be under 35 of age and proficient in English, German, French or Italian) should get in touch with a professor (www.proff.ch) or with the responsible service of the programme at the chosen Swiss higher Education institution in order to get a written confirmation of acceptance.

To find out whether a Swiss University offers scholarships to international students, candidates are advised to check the website of the University in question.