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Compare programmes, pick a university, find out how to enroll and apply for a scholarship. An internationally-recognized centre of excellence for education, Switzerland offers world-class programmes at comparatively low tuition fees.


You can come to study in Switzerland as a regular student, an exchange student, or in some universities as a «free-mover».

Regular student

Regular students are enrolled with a Swiss university or Federal institute of technology and aim to get a degree awarded by the chosen institution. Enrollment requires to fullfil the immigration and admissions requirements (restrictions apply for studies in Medicine and Chiropractics). Once admitted, international students can follow courses towards their degree, as Swiss students do.

Exchange students

Exchange students come in the framework of an agreement between their home institution and a Swiss university or Federal institute of technology. They do not pay the tuition fee in the host institution. They can get grades and credits, but the duration of the stay is limited and they cannot get a degree from the host institution. Interested students should contact the International relations office of their home university to check if there are student exchange agreements with Swiss institutions.


Some universities offer international students the possibility to come as a «guest student» or «free mover». Students coming in this framework have to pay the tuition fee and can attend courses for a limited period of time (usually two semesters). They cannot aim for a degree. For more information it is necessary to check the website of the Admissions department of the institution aimed at, as the regulations may vary.