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How higher education works in Switzerland and its European surroundings: a Bachelor’s degree possibly followed by a Master’s programme. Plus: advanced education and life-long learning, who’s who in Swiss universities and contact info.

The mission of Swissuniversity website

Switzerland prides itself on its high standard of publicly-funded education. All Swiss universities, despite their different histories and diverse approaches and research focus, share a drive for quality in teaching and research. This results in their consistently being ranked among the best universities in the world.

Swissuniversity.ch is a full-fledged promotional internet portal for the 12 Swiss public universities and federal institutes of technology. It aims at presenting and promoting the study and research opportunities offered by these institutions, and at positioning Switzerland as an excellent destination for studying and research. It mainly targets an international audience of prospective Master and PhD students, although useful information is offered to several other categories of users as well.

Contact the coordinator and concept: Swiss Universities' International Marketing (SUIM).
SUIM is a network, composed of delegates of the 12 public Swiss Universities, in charge of international marketing, with the aim to stimulate the promotion of Swiss University education abroad as a whole.